Intimate Melbourne Call Girl

Olivia Winsome


The International Escort Companion…

“Beauty and femininity are ageless and can’t be contrived, and glamour, although the manufacturers won’t like this, cannot be manufactured…”
— Marilyn Monroe

I’m a sweet Aroma to Entice You

Soothe your intrigue.

Calm your curiosity.

Quieten the chaos in your mind.

Here is your unique opportunity to pursue a rare, authentic and alluring Melbourne call girl and International travel escort companion to call your own.

This is my invitation to you, a discerning gent and a lustful man, to experience and savour a sip of my semblance.

I will evoke a childlike sense of beauty and wonder in your world, fuelled by a revival akin to the hormones of your former teenage self.

I want you to remember a part of you that you might have forgotten to nourish recently.

I wish to ignite the sensual sparks you're missing, the fire you secretly long for, yet once cast aside.

I am now beckoning you to enjoy the passion and feel the fire once more.

Lovely, we women only get better with age. Years bring experience, intention and knowledge of more decadent and mind-blowing satisfaction.

I am sophisticated, confident and authentically myself. Aged to perfection, I’m a proud, independent woman; 38 years young and looking forward to the many more years to come.

My natural E-cup cleavage commands your undivided attention. My delicate facial features are framed by shoulder-length, chestnut-brown hair.

As our connection deepens, you might be so lucky to catch a glimpse or these green eyes as they intensify; and sparkle with warmth and desire.

Think of me as a sleek, firm-bodied and flexible ballerina; my long legs will wrap around your waist for hours. Every inch of you will hunger for me. You will savour me as you drink me in like a fine French wine.

I create lustful anticipation to excite your senses. It builds inside you slowly to erupt into a ravenous craving, and you must soon get your fill.

You firmly hold me tight, and with the flick of your tongue, taste my aroma during your private tour into, and around, my sensational cellar door.

In my world intimacy is found both inside and outside a hotel room and lovers sheets. If this is something you have not yet encountered, can I be so bold to suggest we meet?

Heed this as your only warning, my future lover and friend, you may find yourself enslaved to my charm in the end.