Melbourne Escort Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do you like most about your escort job?

I love meeting new people of all backgrounds and sharing experiences in and out of the bedroom, that first meeting can be so exciting and intense.  I think people can experience things in such varying ways so it always interesting to see something though the eyes of different people.  I also enjoy building an ongoing connection with people, I believe the more you get to know someone the more you are willing  to explore each other.  We all need companionship in life and my job as an escort has given me the opportunity to give that to people.

I’ve had other jobs that I love but my escort business has given me the freedom to really explore myself through other people. I have a new confidence in myself that I didn’t have before becoming an escort.  

Discretion is really important to me, how do I know my details are safe with you?

Discretion is equally important to me as it is to you, our time together is between us and only us.  It would be detrimental to my business and reputation if I disclosed a client’s details.  Should you require additional assurance I can provide you with a signed confidentiality agreement.

What is your preferred method of contact for escort services?

In the first instance I prefer to be contacted via email.  You can also contact me via SMS.  I do not answer phone calls from numbers that I do not know and it is always best to pre arrange a phone call should you wish to speak to me on the phone.

Do you have escort social media?

Yes I do! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for a peek at my day to day.

How long have you been an escort for?

I started my escort business in August of 2018.

Which directories can I find you on?

My website here offers more information about me that is now available to you.

Do you offer any doubles escort services?

Yes I do and I absolutely love working with another escort to make that ultimate threesome fantasy come true.  I do have a doubles partner that I enjoy working with but I am also open to working with other escorts should you have a particular combo you would like to try. 

Can I pay you extra for natural services?

I do not offer any natural services under any circumstances.

You have no tour dates to my city, how do I fly you to me?

My escort business is mobile so I am more than happy to make arrangements to get myself to you.  Flights would be at your expense and I require a 50% deposit for fly me to you bookings.