April 17 2019 - Peter

Authenticity is the Word

I recently had the absolute pleasure to meet Olivia.  Over the years I have limited myself to a only a select few "regs", as a result I am generally not in the habit of seeking out new intimate service providers.  Having recently relocated back to Melbourne, I found myself trying to decide who to take a punt on (so to speak).  I was amazed at the shear volume of choice and providers listed.

A retweet from a reg had me looking over Olivia's twitter feed and then her website.  Something about her profile screamed authenticity to me.  My choice was made easy by the clear and comprehensive nature of her site.

Everything about the mechanics of arranging the booking reinforced in me the correctness of the choice.  I think both service provider and client can tell so much about each other and the likelihood of a successful session by the way the interaction happens from the get go.

So without any fuss I find myself sitting at the bar prior to our dinner date.  I watch this stunning woman walk in and, as if in a scene from a movie, we make eye contact and she  walks (no glides) up to sit next to me.  The black cocktail dress she is wearing is befitting of Audrey Hepburn.

The conversation over dinner can only be described as honest, open and flowing.

After dinner, we reside to a hotel whereby we engage in passionate sex.  Sex without a script, sex based on mutual lust and enjoyment.  Olivia has the body of a goddess, a goddess who must workout, for she is so toned and mindbogglingly attractive.

When Olivia, prior to our meeting, asked if I had any special requests for the the evening, I requested one thing...authenticity.

Olivia delivered on my request completely.  Authenticity is a hard thing to fake.  To be authentic, one needs to be intelligent, self aware and completely comfortable with ones identity.  I find such qualities deeply attractive.  I cant believe my luck that I found a woman with all these attractive features and a stunning  body to boot.

I cannot overestimate the value you can derive from spending time with this most beautiful person.