June 8 2019 - HD

I once heard a eulogy that said on the tombstone it will read in part 1950 - 2018 & that in the dash between those numbers is the true story told of the life of the person. In the dash you will find their struggles, triumphs, tears, laughter & the stories that touched everyone in attendance. 

It’s the same with my encounter with Olivia Winsome as last Saturday I spent from 4pm - 10pm in her company & in that dash you will find the beautiful lady who put me at ease from the first moment I met her, the laughter we shared, the body made for wickedness, the intelligent mind, the stimulating conversation, the dash of gangster & the kind heart. Life isn’t about beginnings or endings it’s about the moments in between, it’s about the dash & the dash I shared with Olivia will be a moment I cherish until I become just a memory in the minds of others.